• Items are not suitable for external use,
  • namenjeni so uporabi le v notranjih suhih prostorih,
  • izdelki naj bodo postavljeni na ravno in suho podlago,
  • izdelki niso primerni za uporabo v vlažnem in mokrem okolju ali v bližini vira toplote,
  • izdelki niso primerni za prenašanje živali,
  • potrebno je upoštevati maksimalne obremenitve teže za posamezne izdelke.



  • any change in the design of the product may affect the safety of the product,
  • the products are handmade from natural material, which can result in variations in size and color compared to the image,
  • you are made of natural wood, so discoloration can occur,
  • products may bend / bend when used improperly, UtaUta assumes no liability in the event of improper use by the customer,
  • do not expose products to sharp or rough objects that may damage them,
  • do not use products as a dog / cat toilet; in case it happens, clean the product in accordance with the instructions and prevent prolonged retention of liquids and wet objects in contact with the wood
  • the products are not suitable for dogs / cats or animals who like to bite, chew or scratch things (not applicable to cat scratcher),
  • products are not designed to withstand high loads,
  • products are not suitable for children.


Maintenance and cleaning of wooden products

Careful maintenance and proper cleaning of the product will extend its life. UtaUta recommends regularly checking the condition of the components of the product and maintaining them properly.

  • clean with a soft damp cloth or suitable wood cleaners,
  • do not use bleach, aggressive cleaning agents or rough cloths,
  • do not wash with running water.


Cushion maintenance and cleaning

  • Washing in a washing machine at 30 ° C (delicate laundry program with gentle spin).
  • Bleaching is not allowed.
  • Centrifuge drying is forbidden.
  • Ironing at moderate heat up to 150°C.
  • Permitted mild dry cleaning.
  • Wash the inner cushion at the temperatures up to 30°C on the handwasher to prevent the filler from tilting into a ball. After washing, place the cushion on the grilles and air dry.

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